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Album Chasing The Grail


[I. The Tribulation]

The day of Judgment has arrived
Only the blessed shall survive
The second coming of Jesus Christ
Returning like a thief in the night

A tribulation, seven years
The prophet's right the end is near
The written fall of Babylon
All believers dead and gone

Chosen people ostracized
Take the mark or surely die
To buy or sell, must be affixed
The Antichrist, Six Six Six

Ushering in the End of Days
Destroying those who've lost their way
Only the blessed shall survive
Armageddon has arrived

Wormwood falls from the sky
A soul denied, twice will die
Wormwood falls in the sea
Humanity will cease to be

Wormwood falls form the sky
A soul denied, twice will die
Wormwood falls in the sea
Humanity will cease to be

[II. The Seven Seals]

On through the dead of night
See the four horsemen ride
I saw the lamb open wide
The seven seals are broken

The white horse is given a crown
The conqueror bent on conquest
The red horse is given a sword
Taking peace from the world, slayer of men

The black horse is given a scale
The deliverer bringing famine
The pale horse is given the force
Die by the sword, sickness and plagues

Souls that are in slain
Testimony maintained
The sun a black snake
Devastating earthquake

Heaven is still, raining fire at will
Heaven is still, raining fire at will

[III. The Seven Trumpets]

Seven trumpets
Seven angles
Seven trumpets
Seven angles

A hailstorm of blood
Falling like a flood
A mountain in flames
Plugging in the waves

Locusts arise
To torture, not kill them
Massive attacks
Two hundred million

Booming thunder
The lightning destroyer
The bride did not know her
The whore of Babylon

IV. The seven Thunders
Seal up what the seven thunders know
Trumpet of the seven angels blow

[V. The Seven Bowl Judgments]

The judgments of God
Slaughter all in its path
The angles of God
Pour the bowls of his wrath

The first Vail
Unleashes sores on the children of the beast
The second angle
Pours his bowl on the sea, killing all the living creatures
The third Vail
Unleashes blood on the rivers and springs
The fourth angle
Pours his bowl on the sun, scorching people with the fire
The fifth Vail
Unleashes night on the kingdom of the beast
The sixth angle
Pours his bowl Euphrates runs dry, armies walk across
The seventh Vail
Unleashes hell, every mountain is razed
The mother whore
Holds the cup in her hand, filled with filthy adultery


[VI. The Thousand Years]

I saw heaven open wide
On the white horse Justice rides
Clad in red roves dipped in blood
His name is the Word of God

Beast is captured, burned in fire
Locked away the king of liars
One thousand years is Satan's stay
Begins this resurrection day

Warning sign, a prophecy
Rising from the eternal sea
Down on your knees start to pray
Ray of son to light the way

Will this happen, a story cast
Or a fable from the past
Make your choice this is no game
Will the Book Of Life bear your name?

Fozzy - Chasing The Grail